There's nothing I love more than forcing my unsolicited opinions on other people.  

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Therefore, MAY I SUGGEST some of my personal  favorites for your shopping pleasure?   I'm happy to answer any questions you have about them or just rave enthusiastically like a madwoman.  BONUS: a few of these have affiliate codes  -- be sure to use those for discounts! 













Books I could read again and again... (in no particular order after #1)



Beauty products, makeup, hair color, skin care, nails and more

  • OVERTONE: I freakin love this stuff.  Overtone is a conditioner that colors your hair a little at a time.  You can layer it on every day for a drastic change or once a week for a tint touch-up.  It's seriously amazing AND it's good for your hair!

  • NARS blush in Orgasm tint is the absolute perfect natural, neutral color for practically every skin tone.

  • NAILS INC has an amazing array of colors and and nail conditioners that last a looooong time.  

  • POREFESSIONAL primer by BENEFIT, I especially love the Pearl version. I have pores so big you could lose a kitten in them so this is a pretty important part of my beauty regimen. 

  • MAC Strobe Cream - it's a moisturizer that also makes you glow like a pearl. Subtle but powerful. I don't ever wear foundation because it grosses me out so I wear this instead.  Goes right on top of the vital Professional Primer.

  • URBAN DECAY eyeshadow primer potion anti-aging formula.  Comes in a regular formula too, for you young 'uns.  If you put this on underneath your eyeshadow, you never have to worry about creasing or fading.

  • NARS lip pencil in Cruella.  It's a really great red -- not too bright, not too creepy.  It's matte but isn't as drying to my old lady lips as most mattes are.



Clothes and Shoes

MeUNDIES: MeUndies are the softest things you've ever had on your tushie and they come in a multitude of delightful designs like sloths, rainbow unicorns, pineapples, s'mores, and bright solid colors too.  You won't believe how comfy they are!    Use this code and get 20% off your order 😄

ELOQUII:  Plus size ladies, Eloquii is my new go-to stop for clothes that fit perfectly and are actually designed for larger figures -- they're not just bigger versions of designs for skinny women.  Everything I've ordered so far has been really well made and the prices are more than reasonable! 

ROTHY'S:  These flats are super comfy, come in a zillion fun colors and are made out of recycled soda bottles.  Personally, I think they're a little pricey for a simple flat made of plastic, but they're on par with Birdies (Meghan Markle's fave) and less than Tieks so maybe I should shut up. 

COACH Bowery Chelsea Boot - I have to wait until they go on sale but then I nab them in every available color and pattern!  They are incredibly versatile and get more comfortable with every wearing.



TV Shows You Should Totally Binge If You Haven't Already



Jewelry and Accessories if You Want to Be a Gaudy Goddess

  • BRAPPZ:  Brappz are colorful silicon straps that can be used as stylish bra straps, shoelaces, sporty jewelry, sunglasses holders -- pair them up with the snappz charms and the possibilities are endless!

  • JUNK GYPSY:  I get endless compliments on the giant chunky rings and belt buckles I have found here!

  • CASSETTE EYEWEAR: I love my Cassette shades. Most of their designs are sporty and I have a few of those for casual days but my favorites are the Domingos - shown here being worn by my lovely bag, Marti.  Yes, my bag has a name.   And she rocks these shades.      Use this code XANARU20OFF  to get 20% off your fave pair.



Movies, Films, Cinematic Moving Pictures, Talkies and Such



Local (Boulder) Food

  • The Boulder Roadhouse Depot - you absolutely MUST try the pretzels with pork chili queso!

  • The Dark Horse - those BURGERS! And the atmosphere is grungy chaos in the best possible way.

  • The Rio - known for their margaritas but their queso ain't bad either

  • Efrain's II - This is the closest you'll find to authentic TexMex in Boulder -- believe me, we've tried them all.  Try the cheese enchiladas.

  • Verde - fun, lighter tacos and mongo burritos the size of footballs

  • T'aco - excellent array of tacos (try the cotija!) and also excellent queso, skinny margs.

  • The Post - their specialty is fried chicken but everything is delicious.  Great beer selection too