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How It Went Down

I said I'd keep you posted on how my daughter's whole graduation thing went down so let's start at the end: SHE MADE IT! Our brilliant, vivacious, hilariously twisted little dyslexic fought her way through and is officially a high school graduate who is moving on to college in Oregon next fall. We are SO proud of her and the ways she has learned to cope with the medley of challenges that were thrown her way.

Buuuuut, she didn't get to walk in the grad ceremony. So we had our own ceremony! The whole family, aunts uncles and friends went for a fabulous brunch at Chautauqua then the grads put on their caps and gowns (you can buy them at CU!) and had a wonderful photo shoot in the SNOW. Because it's Colorado and sometimes we have an 80-degree day followed a few days later by a foot of snow.

Anyhoo, some of her friends couldn't join us for brunch so we just kept the festivities going by also having a fabulous dinner and following it up with a mandatory (I insisted) karaoke party at our home. Alijah was having none of it but her friends joined in -- way to take one for the team Maya and Jasmine! -- and I think Alijah at least had a good time filming some mortifyingly lame YouTube fodder of her mom.

I had intentions of telling you the outcome first, then telling you all the frustrating, infuriating stunts that Alijah's tyrannical, despotic, high-handed, bullying headmaster put her through but now I'm thinking I'll just leave it with the end results. Because that's all that matters anyway.

She won. She graduated. And she's AMAZEBALLS.

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