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Bee My Wild Honey -- New Coach Crossbody

Bee My Wild Honey -- New Coach Crossbody

Shoot - someone beat you to this but I can replicate it as a custom piece!   Genuine Coach crossbody "Jess" messenger bag with honeycomb, a Queen Bee and several of her worker bees on the wide strap. This is a perfect gift for any honeybee lover or as a special gift anytime of year!   Bonus:  it's also a very well-made, useful Coach bag -- brand new with original tags!  


Let me duplicate this piece or create the hand-painted luxury handbag of your dreams!


  • Care and Cleaning Instructions

    All of my hand-painted designs are created with special leather paint and sealer then I adorn them with fun baubles, beads, pearls and rhinestones.  You can use your item of course but you'll want to treat it gently -- like the work of art that it is!   Clean with mild soap and water; NEVER USE AN ALCOHOL-BASED CLEANER.

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