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Prices start at $250 for a basic monogram, but most designs average $595- $1295 depending on complexity.

To get your exact quote, please tell me more:
Okay, now upload your PHOTOS, please

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  1. DESIGN:  You and I will collaborate on the design until I have a thorough understanding of what you want.   You choose your favorite design of the Photoshopped mockups that I send you.  They will be VERY close to the finished product.   If you are providing the item to be painted, you'll ship it to me now.

  2. PAY:  I'll send you an invoice that you can pay securely online and then ...

  3. PAINT:  Now I paint, ship, and *voila*  -- you have a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of art that is guaranteed to make you the envy of everyone who beholds it.  

​Total turnaround time depends on your position on the waiting list and how long it takes to get the bag/shoes/etc. shipped to me but generally about 3-5 weeks total.


Prices start at $250 for a basic monogram, but most projects average $795- $1295.  


Together, you and I will determine the price of your hand-painted piece

based on these factors:

  • Subject matter

  • Size

  • Complexity of design and detail required

  • Who will be providing the item to be painted.  (Are you shipping me a favorite old jacket you want spruced up or am I buying you a new jacket that we pick out together online?)

EXAMPLE 1:  Let's say you've got a sweet pair of Nikes that really need a monogram or a simple logo.  No animals, no faces, just letters or basic graphics.  That would be $250.  

EXAMPLE 2:  You want a brand new Coach tote bag with a portrait of your twin kiddos. So that's a bag plus two human faces, life-size.   This will require a significant amount of time and labor plus the bag itself so the total price would be $1995.  

For an exact quote for your piece, just fill out the form above with as much info as you can -- photos really help -- and I will get back to you with an amount ASAP.

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