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Old World Rustic Door on Client's Handmade Bag

Old World Rustic Door on Client's Handmade Bag

This custom bag features a charming Old World rustic door framed by soft, understated flowers and a delicate tree. The client provided the gorgeous handmade bag for the perfect canvas.


Let's create the personalized handbag, jacket, wallet, shoes, backpack, motorcycle helmet, cowboy boots, hats,  (anything!) of your dreams!    Makes a truly unique gift for that one-of-a-kind person.   I can help you purchase the item or you can send me a treasure you already own to be meticulously personalized. 


You and I will collaborate to create:

• A portrait of a cherished pet or spirit animal 

• A favorite movie, hobby, theme, quote, monogram 

• Or any subject matter your heart desires 

• (Human faces or hands are extra because they're MUCH more time consuming) 


Prices start at $250 for a basic monogram, but most projects average $595- $995.  Together, you and I will determine the price of your hand-painted piece based on size and complexity of the design and whether you are providing the item to be painted or I am.

  • Care and Cleaning Instructions

    All of my hand-painted designs are created with special leather paint and sealer then I adorn them with fun baubles, beads, pearls and rhinestones.  You can use your item of course but you'll want to treat it gently -- like the work of art that it is!   Clean with mild soap and water; NEVER USE AN ALCOHOL-BASED CLEANER.

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