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Mother F***ing Girl Power

I wore my pink pussyshirt (not a knitter so I had to substitute pussyshirt for pussyhat),

AND I wore my Mother Fucking Girl Power socks. By the way, that's not a euphemism like "wearing my big girl panties," (although I ALWAYS wear those). No, I actually wore socks that have the words Mother Fucking Girl Power written on them. See:

We should all have some.. Get yours here: Awesome Socks

I wore these in support of the Women's March on Washington of course. I have some back and hip issues that don't allow me to stand for more than half an hour or so at a time so I couldn't participate in person, but I was there in spirit with amazing women like my friends Anne Harden, Trina Pace, Nancy Dutton and millions more.

Thank you ladies (and gents!) for representing the rest of us with such grace and dignity and love. As I live-streamed the whole event yesterday, that was the thing that kept shining through: the LOVE. People there were happy and joyful and lifting each other up. Yes, we're angry and yes, we're demanding and yes, we're even Nasty but more importantly, we are hopeful. We are proud. We are helpful and inclusive and positive. All very "feminine" characteristics if we're stereotyping, and that femininity is exactly what made this march so remarkably powerful.

The great Maya Angelou once said, "we teach people how to treat us." Yesterday, we did just that. We didn't use the typical moves of bullying and threatening and violence to demonstrate our power. We simply and firmly, through unity and inclusiveness and kindness, showed the world how to treat us.

Thank you again ladies.

Some of my fave photos of friends at the Women's March in DC and Denver:

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