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Monthly Moonshine - HALLOWEEN Edition


I recently spent a lovely evening in a graveyard watching Grease with a few hundred rabid Olivia Newton John fans and it was an intoxicating throwback to my junior high school days. In 1978 the girls PE class at Peterson Junior High would always be relegated to the bleachers whenever the boys needed to use the gym so Kristen, Anne, Laura and I would use that time productively by sitting in the stands and recreating the entire Grease movie – every song, every word.

Reliving those days as I sat in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on a hot summer night in Los Angeles, surrounded by ONJ geeks singing every song, every word, was a magical experience. Wish the old gang could have been there with me because I ... 🎶 'Had me a bla-ast!' 🎵




The results are in from last month's poll, and I have to say, I'm a little disappointed, folks. You chose the wretched Sashabelle backpack as your fave! WHY, people????

When I told SatanCat she won, she responded: “Well, naturally. What did you expect?”



Here’s some happy, moonshiney stuff I found on the interwebs this month



This chonky chicken (chonken?) comes off these steps like me being awakened at 6 am without being offered coffee, matcha tea or a sincere apology.

Actually, it’s me every damn day regardless of the time or beverages proffered.



I'm a sucker for a good Ed Sheeran pun.

I own an egg-shaped chair that we named Egg Chairen.


HER MAMA'S WINDOW IS BUSTED AND THIS LI'L GAL IS MAD AS HELL! I have never seen or heard such a cute depiction of an encounter with a crackhead.



“I did ALL that.”

The voiceover for this German Shepherd is everything. 😆😆😆

The fact that I consider the mess he made to be a trifling little bit of fluff on the floor tells you what life with Emmie is like.



When Princess Diana died I was devastated; I felt like I’d lost a dear friend even though our only connection was being born on the same day, and even that happened in different years. (She used to be five years older than me but now she’s permanently 36 while I continue to watch my cheeks melt into jowls.) Exactly how delusional was I about my relationship with Princess Diana? The night she died, I lay awake until the wee hours of the morning, alternating between screaming at the TV anchorman for being a fucking liar because just an hour ago he said she ‘only had a broken arm’ and then curling into a little ball rocking myself into numbness. I tried to sleep but I kept waking up every few minutes to wail and moan something about how ‘My friend is gone!’ then I’d cry myself back to sleep and repeat the process minutes later.

All this is to say ... I might be a little obsessive about the royals (The Crown’s ratings would suggest that I am not alone, so if you’re gonna judge, judge all of us). However, for most of my life I didn’t pay much attention to the Queen herself, I mostly thought of her as the cold, unemotional villain in Diana’s world. But The Crown, which is after all a precise and accurate documentary-like accounting of her life, gave me a new perspective and I was thunderstruck by what she had to manage and how well she did it. She led a life of privilege, yes, but also one of duty. She was a steady presence for her people and the world, really; always keeping calm and carrying on. Rest well, Elizabeth II.

If you missed it when it first aired, this video is pure British, sweet-as-marmalade charm ❤️



I can't leave you with that tear-jerker, so please crank up the volume and enjoy a little Freddie.



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